Boss: mainly just Kelsey Grammer looking at stuff

Ed Williamson

24th March 2013

I missed the first episode of Boss on More4 this week, but I am excited at the opportunities it seems to afford Kelsey Grammer to look at different things from a variety of angles.

This apparently won him a Golden Globe. As much as I've always admired his effortless facility with looking at people and things, such as when he looked at Woody in Cheers every now and then, I've always thought his greatest acting talent lay in interactions with objects and characters. Conversations, say, or picking up pencil sharpeners and putting them somewhere else.

Still, stick to what you know. Below are ten excellent examples of why Grammer remains one of the best lookers-at-things in the business.
Kelsey Grammer looking up and to the left a bit

Kelsey Grammer looking up here

Kelsey Grammer looking over there

Kelsey Grammer looking out of a window

Kelsey Grammer looking up and also looking a bit like an old Greg Kinnear

Kelsey Grammer looking out of his other window (his office has two)

Kelsey Grammer looking at a guy who doesn't want to look at him

Kelsey Grammer looking wanly at something or maybe just into the middle distance

Kelsey Grammer looking up and possibly sighing a bit

Kelsey Grammer looking AT YOU

It has become clear to me that no one actually acknowledges Kelsey Grammer's existence throughout Boss in its entirety. I can only surmise that it hinges on a twist similar to that featured in The Sixth Sense. This is very possibly why it's been cancelled.

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