Breakdown: Things you missed in the Wonder Woman first-look footage

Matt Looker

20th January 2016

The first glimpse of Wonder Woman in all her inequality-correcting, leather-bodice-wearing glory has been released and it is fascinating. Like the true geeks and film buffs with one-of-a-kind expert knowledge that we are, here’s a deep-dive into the footage with wild speculation about some things that may happen at some point in the film or indeed ever.

It’s been a long, tough road to get here. One that has involved widespread protests, a secret underground movement, an incident between a woman and a horse and that terrible David E. Kelley pilot, but now Wonder Woman is finally on her way. With the first-look footage just released online, let’s look at some key details you may have missed.
1. Is that Kevin Smith?

Yes, it is. In presenting the long-awaited first glimpse of the first female-led superhero movie telling the story of a pop culture feminist icon, who better to introduce and discuss it than this guy? A man who famously likes some comics. He can be seen here talking to another man. Together these men talk us through the footage, explaining things like only a man can. There should be a word for that.
2. Gal Gadot talks about the character

If you look really closely at the footage, you can see the star of the film, Gal Gadot, talk about her role in the movie. She was cast to play Wonder Woman after proving her leading woman status in the female-friendly Fast and Furious films. If you look especially closely at this still in particular, you can see that she also plays a character called Diana Prince in the film. How does she have two roles in one film, you may ask? Well that's for the fans to debate until we get our answers in the finished movie. Let the fun guesswork begin!
3. Silent Bob is quietly enthusiastic

With a mixture of panic and excitement setting in, Kevin Smith discusses the new Wonder Woman footage while wearing the look of man who fears that, at any moment, he will be exposed as a person who just likes some comics, and is not actually, for example, a feminist spokesperson or indeed someone who has had anything to do with the making of this film. At the same time, the footage is pretty awesome so who can blame him for taking the job? Don't worry, we'll get to the footage.
4. Chris Pine is still called Steve Trevor

Or is Steve Trevor still called Chris Pine? If you weren't familiar with the actor here, you wouldn't know which of these names is the real-life person and which is the character. Is that the point? Who knows, but you can be certain that the confusing blandness of Steve Trevor will definitely play a part in the film. Sorry, we mean Chris Pine.
5. The sets are incredible

If you had any doubts about the money being spent on Wonder Woman, you only have to look at this amazing set. The podium with the lighting and the bold company backdrop, this could easily pass for the staging area for the final round of Pointless. It's probably CGI.
6. The first look at Wonder Woman

And here we have it. Finally. The very first look at Wonder Woman. Right now, this is the perfect illustration of the character we get to see in the film. Presumably, in the movie we will find out how she acquires her lasso, her tiara and her stiletto-thin ankles.
7. Ben Affleck is still Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

With the franchise-building nature of these crossover comic-book films, it's reassuring to know that, in this footage from the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer, Batman is still played by Ben Affleck, as he was when the trailer was first released. There is no word yet as to how many versions of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ben Affleck has signed up for, but the fact that he is in the original trailer and this footage taken from that same trailer suggests that he'll be playing the character for at least the duration of the film's marketing, if not the whole film itself.
8. Wonder Woman has a female director

Too right. Well done DC. Here is your real Wonder Woman, people, and your first glimpse of her as well. Her campaign to become the first female director of the first female-led superhero movie is probably worthy of a movie itself. And if they ever make that movie, they should get Joss Whedon to direct it. He does female characters well.
Looks good, doesn't it? I'm excited. I like the bit with the horse - a clear homage to Emily Davison.

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