Can Daniel Radcliffe play a young Jon Hamm?

Ed Williamson

2nd November 2012

Daniel Radcliffe is to play Jon Hamm's younger self in a four-part drama for Sky Arts. But does that even work? Like, as a thing?

Can't beat a bit of Russian literature for me. Love it. All the greats, you know, the big ones. Dostoyevsky, uh ... Shevchenko. Zangief.

So I can hardly contain my excitement at the forthcoming adaptation of A Young Doctor's Notebook by Mikhail Bulgakov, starring Jon Hamm as a doctor who sees visions of his younger self, played by Daniel Radcliffe.

But can that actually work? Do they look anything like each other? Well, the camera never lies. Unless of course you heavily Photoshop the results. Hover your mouse over the picture below.

Don't know why I ever doubted it. Now let me get back to that Nikolai Volkoff novel.

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