Catching up with The World's End aka more crazy guesswork


24th January 2013

Because there's no such thing as half an obsession, right? (*hisses like cat, scurries away from Simon Pegg's bins on all fours*)

Back in July last year I very nearly lost my mind over-analysing a teaser poster for Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's The World's End. Summary: Arthurian legends, mythical creatures, Charles the First, yadda yadda yadda. Six months later, and the boys have done a good job of keeping details under wraps - letting slip the cast (but not the characters, more on that below), a brief synopsis, another not-very-revealing poster, and one official image.

This one. Hi Tims.

But now, thanks to Empire Online, an interview with Simon Pegg has surfaced - for a luxury tweed jacket company of all places - which has sent my Speculation-Sense into a tingle overdrive. Specifically this choice quote:

Thematically, it will all make sense when the three films can be viewed consecutively. This sounds lofty but they form a dialectic sequence, which I hope film students will write essays about. Shaun of the Dead = evolution, Hot Fuzz = devolution, World's End = revolution.
If Pegg is hinting at an actual historical revolution, then that sits neatly with my suggestion of something connected to Charles I and The English Civil War. King Arthur was a social revolution, of sorts, so I'm not totally dismissing that either yet. With names like King and Knight, it's not a huge leap to imagine we'll be seeing events unfold which tap into the mythology running deep alongside the colourful history of the British Isles.

Speculation aside; withholding the names of the characters can only mean they're incredibly important to the plot somehow. Eventually the IMDB page will update, or a trailer will be released - or maybe even the film will come out in August as planned - and then we'll have to find out. Are Wright and co. worried too much information will ruin the film? Perhaps, otherwise why not just tell us now?

Obviously I don't want to ruin the film - for others or myself, I can't wait to have a cornetto trilogy that doesn't involve getting ice cream stains on my carpet - but this sort of build-up is designed to make us play guessing games. I'm sticking to my guns on the whole mythology/history thing. In fact I'd put money on the remaining characters having names like 'Bishop' or 'Cromwell'.

And then you'll see.

You'll all see.

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