Charlie Sheen doesn't know what a 'character' is

Matt Looker

10th September 2012

Get ready to learn a shocking truth about one Hollywood's finest and hardest-working actors.

If, like me, you spend most of your TV-viewing time with the channel set permanently on 'Comedy Central' in order to catch another round of Friends repeats (greatest mistake E4 ever made), you will no doubt have seen much promotion for Charlie Sheen's new show Anger Management. It starts this coming Wednesday 12th September, not that it matters - Comedy Central will repeat it constantly until the new series of 'Fat People Are Funny' starts.

What it does mean, however, is that a whole host of clips from the show have made themselves online. Here's one such new clip that will hopefully make this article seem relevant:

Now, what you won't spot in that clip, but what has been made apparent in other literature I have read (IMDB), is the name of Charlie Sheen's character in Anger Management:

And it strikes me that, hang on, wasn't Charlie Sheen's character in Two And A Half Men also called something like...

Yes. Coincidence obviously. After all, it's understandable when Charlie Sheen is a major draw for the audience of these two shows. And yet, anyone remember when he took over from Michael J Fox as the star of Spin City? I wonder if...

Jesus. It's like Charlie Sheen was so drug-addled during the filming of these shows that, if a co-star called him by any other name, he wouldn't know to respond. In fact, trawling through Charlie's filmography, it seems he has played many a 'Charlie', 'Charles' and even 'Chuck'.

As far as I can tell, it all stems from this major release.

Yes, this is the only one I clicked on

So there you go. Charlie Sheen can only play characters called Charlie. That's it. That's the shocking conclusion I'm making here.

This is why we're never allowed exclusive interviews.

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