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Ed Williamson

21st August 2013

It's lonely here. No one talks to me. Some days I don't even bother getting dressed.

Will you come and help? Can you string at least half a sentence together in English? Do you know stuff about telly? On reading this site, are you instinctively struck that this is precisely the pack of hip, young, only slightly paunchy gunslingers you'd like to join? Are you such a fervent anti-capitalist that you reject entirely the concept of receiving money in exchange for your services? Well then contact me, FFS. We're after new writers to do features and reviews, so if you've got ideas and you think you could contribute regularly let me know.

It won't be like one of those parties where you turn up and it's just you and one other guy and he ends up leaving you 23 increasingly threatening voicemails over the next three days, I promise.

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