Competition: Win How I Met Your Mother: series 5 on DVD


12th October 2010

The 5th series of The Longest Answer To Any Question Ever, is currently showing on E4, and we’ve got 3 copies of the full series on DVD to give away in exchange for your answer to a simple question.

How I Met Your Mother, or HIMYM for the sake of my typing sanity, has had a chequered past on UK TV; originally broadcast on Trouble, then on BBC2 who treated it like a ginger stepchild putting it up against Sunday’s Coronation Street or burying it at 11pm on a Tuesday, finally HIMYM found a home on E4 where it has had a chance to develop a well deserved following.

Series 5 starts off less than stellar with the widely unpopular Robney pairing rating as, off the top of my head, one of the most disappointing hook-ups in sitcom history. There are some classic moments here though; Lily’s "Dark Willow", The Sexless Inn Keeper, and Barney’s song about how legen…waitforit…dary "suiting up" is, which is one of my favourite musical numbers in any show.

Will Ted finally reveal to his ever patient children who their mother is?
It can’t just be me who’s waiting for Mother to bust in and finish the story. Unless she’s dead and that’s why they asked and are now patiently sitting, Vicodined out of their minds, indulging their father’s long-winded stories of youth.
Oh, I hope she’s not dead, that would bum me right out.

Back to the point! To win a copy of the Emmy nominated series on a DVD jam-packed with special features (myself, I’d enter to watch the gag reel – almost funnier than the entire series), just click here and answer the insanely easy question.

Let’s break it down. In numerical summary, this is 1 competition, giving away 3 DVDs of series 5 of HIMYM, which includes the very funny Slapsgiving 2, which means… THAT’S FOUR!

Couldn’t find a decent trailer, so watch Robin Sparkles’ 80/90’s pop video instead!

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