Dakota Fanning is British, dying


7th March 2012

No sooner has the precocious child star grown up, she's on her bloody deathbed, in this first trailer for Brit weepie Now Is Good. And no, I'm not crying, my eyes are just allergic to sad things.

Dakota Fanning wants Hollywood to know she's (*adopts Britney voice*) not a girrrrl, but not yet a wooomaaan, so putting her first adult role well behind her - a crotch-thrusting, paedo-baiting turn in The Runaways - the young actress has opted for something more mature for her next. Now Is Good looks like a baby Bucket List, if it was written by Nicholas Sparks, if he was British, with Fanning playing a cancer-stricken youngster who finds that life is only worth living when you have something to live for. You couldn't tell, but I sang that whole paragraph like Britney. I'll stop now.

Anyway, here's the trailer. I'm glad Yahoo! Movies kept reminding me who the video belonged to with rollover logos, because I would have never been able to tell from just the Yahoo! branded player alone.

There's no point poking fun at this; it's clearly going to do exactly what it was designed to do and have mothers and daughters bawling in the aisles. I will say that the more I see of Jeremy Irvine, the more I'm convinced he's the British Taylor Lautner, which is about as backhanded a compliment as I can manage. Also, it looks like his head would look exactly the same if you turned it upside down.

I was right!

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