Does Executive Decision have the worst DVD blurb ever?


18th September 2012

I bought a copy of Executive Decision on DVD recently. I forget why.

There are a lot of aspects that make up a DVD cover. There's the front cover, the five-star rating quote from Woman's Own magazine or whoever, and of course the super-awesome 'edition' name flashed across the top.

But one part that rarely gets attention is the well-judged, cleverly worded synopsis on the back cover. It's what sells the film to those who need to know whether it contains motorbikes on fire and/or The Rock. And, more often that not, that's all it does.

And yet, sometimes these blurb writers go above and beyond their scrawl of duty. Here is the back cover of the DVD for Executive Decision:

Click to view larger

I'm going to be really disappointed if I watch this film and there isn't a scene in which the anti-terrorist operative is overjoyed when he finds out that the very film he appears in starts playing on the plane of the film in which OH MY GOD MY HEAD HURTS.

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