Eight questions I had after the Big Little Lies finale

Becky Suter

26th April 2017

LittleBigPicture presents its #hottake on the final episode of Big Little Lies, a mere 48 hours after it aired in the UK. After seven weeks of speculation, we finally found out who the murder victim and murderer at Trivia Night were, but many questions were left unanswered, such as ...

(BTW, it goes without saying: there are spoilers ahead.)

Where was the actual trivia element of Trivia Night?

We all knew Trivia Night was coming; it was mentioned in the very first episode. But where were the tables set up for the quiz? Who was organising the rounds? Was there a picture round? What did it all have to do with Elvis Presley and Audrey Hepburn? And why was there a singing competition at a quiz night? Speaking of which ...
Was Perry meant to do a song?

Oh god, I wish Perry had done a song.
How come everyone was an AMAZING singer?

Bonnie, Ed and Nathan are all incredibly talented; how comes? And the guy who was singing at the beginning, for that matter. They should start a band.
Who won the singing competition?

Who was judging? Was it done by applause, or was there a panel? Will they announce who won once all the fuss has died down? These are things we need to know.
Moving away from Monterey's Got Talent, why was Renata's husband so damn creepy?

No boasting, but I think by episode three I had gathered it was going to be Perry's body at the bottom of the steps, broken urethra an' all. But Gordon's thinly-veiled threat to Jane at the café was chilling and possibly hinted at something darker which could have lead to him being killed/killing someone. Seriously, this episode should have been called "All Men Must Die". Except Ed. I like Ed.
Why did no one mention how much Joseph's wife actually looked like Audrey Hepburn?

Because she really did.
How could Tanya (Celeste's estate agent) be so fucking stupid?

Didn't Celeste tell her the whole reason why she was leasing a flat? Why not tell Perry she had a wrong number, or send her a fricking email about the smoke detectors instead? Tanya has a lot to answer for. She's almost as guilty as Bonnie. Side note: why was Celeste wearing surgical gloves whilst she was unpacking?
Will Max seek revenge for his father's death?

Will Ziggy, for that matter?

Next week, I'll be providing my opinions on the last episode of M*A*S*H.

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