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21st October 2011

Before Paranormal Activity 3 hits big screens this weekend, why not take part in our live interactive Paranormal Activity Experience to warm you up for the inevitable scares to come? Warning: spooky!

All you have to do to enjoy this unique adventure is stare intently at each of these pictures for a few minutes and then hover your cursor over them. Which corner will be the one to watch? Let the scares begin!

Ooh creepy. Who moved that and why? Disconcerting, isn't it... Oh well, it's probably nothing, right? RIGHT?

Wait, that's weird. Why did it do that? Maybe a breeze? Maybe...

Oh no! Not the kids' room too! That's even more scary because it's the room for kids! And their whole drawer moved! Whatever next?

Ghosts going to the toilet? Why? I can't even get my head round that - that's how messed up it is. Won't the madness ever end?

Huh? Who was that? That dark shadowy figure...hmm, maybe all this has something to do with the demonic curse that has affected the family through generations of...wait, how long have we got left? 10mins?

And credits.

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