EXCLUSIVE: Eastenders punching scene storyboards revealed

Ed Williamson

8th May 2014

With the Eastenders writing team steering the soap in a distinctly hitty-facey creative direction, we have gained access to some storyboards of the key scenes. (Spoiler alert: we haven't.)

Yes, only last week Nancy Carter chinned her father Mick whilst wearing a pair of comedy boxing gloves, and next week Mick is to pay that chinning forward to the returning Deano Wicks. (Note: the Eastenders press office is very keen to emphasise that he is now called "Dean" alongside his newly rugged and bearded look, but this website will never call him anything other than "Deano" and that's a promise you can take to the bank.)

These storyboards, which we've unearthed via an unnamed source at the BBC, give some insight into the creative process behind all the crash-bang-'ave-some-of-thattery.
What do you mean, the introduction felt contrived? Come on, I found the comic-book font and everything. Some people.

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