Fair Game 2011 vs Fair Game 1995


10th March 2011

Before you head off to the cinema this weekend, here's a fact sheet about the two different movies called Fair Game, just in case you accidentally wander into the wrong one. Somehow.

Plot: CIA operative Valerie Plame discovers her identity is allegedly leaked by the government as payback for an op-ed article her husband wrote criticizing the Bush administration.Plot: Rookie cop Max Kirkpatrick has to protect sassy attorney Kate McQuean from a group of renegade KGB agents out to assassinate her for being criminally sexy.
Tagline: Wife. Mother. Spy. Inspired by true events.Tagline: He's a cop on the edge. She's a woman with a dangerous secret...
Cast: Naomi Watts, Sean Penn, Noah Emmerich, lots of important-sounding people you've never heard of wearing suits.Cast: Cindy Crawford, Billy Baldwin, Shooter McGavin, a young Salma Hayek before she knew any better.
Trailer: Trailer:
Villain: The autocracy of the US government.Villain: Steven Berkoff.
Sample dialogue: "They'll push you 'til they find the point you break. You can't break me. I don't have a breaking point."Sample dialogue: "I was looking for hardware. I was hoping to demo your... unit."
Example of acting:
Example of acting:
Parental advisory: "A husband and wife kiss in bed. Joe makes reference to having sex. Brief and non-graphic depictions of the Iraq war. Someone is called a "racist pussy". Two uses of the 'F' word."Parental advisory: "Cindy Crawford shows her breasts in a sex scene with William Baldwin. William Baldwin shows his butt. A woman slaps another woman. There are a few explosions."
Shower scenes: 0Shower scenes: 23
Baldwins: 0Baldwins: 1
Still chosen at random:
Still chosen at random:
What to say: "It's a tense, timely reminder of the power wielded by Washington and the men and women who are subsequently at risk on the frontline."What to say: "The scene where Baldwin nails Crawford on the train was the first one I ever jerked off to. Full-on tit shot. Definitely one for the spank bank."
IMDB rating: 7/10IMDB rating: 3.9/10

Just as I thought.

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