Fatality! Every Final Destination kill


29th August 2009

To celebrate the release of the The Final Destination, we've spent hours trawling the darkest corners of YouTube to compile a delightful list of every single Final Destination death, for all you death porn aficionados out there. Don't care for plot? Just want to see blood? You're in the right place. And possibly on some sort of list.

Final Destination (2000)

Despite his comic turn in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, the idea of The Grim Reaper taking lives with 'accidental' deaths was a deliciously original one. Compared to its follow-ups, Final Destination is pretty tame in the death department, but it has one thing the don't... Stifler.

Death by... plane crash!
One of cinema's finest plane crashes, we have blood splatter, fire and people being sucked out of the plane. What more could you want?

Death by... bathtub!
Death starts picking up the pieces and clearing up the mess left for him. First stop: this dude's bathroom.

Death by... irony!
Check out the emotion on the face of this chick's boyfriend. No reaction whatsoever. Some relationship!

Death by... kitchen!
The most gruesome and drawn-out death of the film. Glass in the neck? Check. Fire? Check. A knife in the chest? Check. John Denver playing through the house? Check and check.

Death by... debris!
Poor Steve Stifler. He didn't deserve this. I mean, just look at that very fake-looking decapitated head. A little production value, please.

Death by... giant sign!
The crappiest death of the film, mainly because you don't actually see it. Did they think we'd seen enough death? Nonsense, we want more!

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