First look inside Noah's ark results in obvious movie gag


26th September 2012

While Darren Aronofsky has been toiling away on his big screen version of the story of Noah's ark, film bloggers across the internet have been scratching their heads over how to cover the film in an interesting and original way. They needn't have bothered.

The very idea of Noah is a bit of a shrugger. On the one hand, it's Aronofsky - a pimp-moustached auteur whose fims have resulted in Oscar noms and a Portman-Kunis lesbian scene. On the other hand, it's a biblical tale of a guy who marches animals onto a big boat in pairs to save them from a flood. And it stars Russell Crowe. As the ark, presumably.

And yet, today on Twitter, Director of Photography Matthew Libatique posted the first photograph showing the inside of Noah's ark:

... and then, excited by the prospect at finally having something concrete to say about the movie, every film blogger in the world will be trampling over themselves to get to the same punchline as they post their reaction to seeing inside the ark for the first time:

Or have I pre-empted this? Oh my god, am I... can I say it? Yes...


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