Five Peaky Blinders anagrams that make better titles

Ed Williamson

2nd October 2014

Peaky Blinders, while being fairly good and having the advantage of a second-season role for Tom Hardy, which will factually be brilliant, is saddled with a rubbish title.

A bit like if Die Hard had been called Siegy Building, or Con Air called Planey-Waney Criminals.

It's also one of those phrases that sounds a bit like an anagram of something else already. Maybe I can come up with a better title using its other anagrams. Time for some award-baiting investigative journalism.

Small Heath gangster Tommy Shelby works undercover for the police in the neighbouring Birmingham district of Brained Elk.

The story of a Birmingham red light district where a fellow can pick up men dressed as ladies. Eddie Murphy executive-produces.

Tom Hardy's character Beardy Ken Lips, so-called because he has a beard and once cut off a man's lips or something, just sort of stands there for a bit looking surprised and wearing a hat that has obviously been Photoshopped on.

He is called Ken.

The gang go straight and set up as bakers in Selly Oak. Um ... one of them accidentally drops his pen lid in the dough and it becomes their trademark. Yes, yes, that.

The story of Binary Ed, a simple Birmingham hood unable to entertain more than two avenues of thought at the same time. He finds and befriends some kelp.
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