Get out of my phone, Jere Burns

Ed Williamson

22nd September 2014

This is Jere Burns. You might remember him from such TV shows as Breaking Bad, Justified and Bates Motel. And now he's inside my phone and will not leave.

Yes, Jere Burns is an icily terrifying individual, a sort of American version of Sean Harris. He does eerily calm and sinister so well, he's done it in three of the best shows of recent years.

But ever since I typed an email with his name in it and added the word "Jere" to my dictionary, he pops up as an autocorrect suggestion all over the place. I literally cannot move for Jere. It's a Jere-for-all. It's the Sum of All Jeres. He's Jere, there and everywhere.
There must be an app to de-Jere my phone. I would give three Jeres if there were.

(It's pronounced "Jerry", isn't it? Shut up.)

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