Guess the Shia LaBeouf film from the #AllMyMovies screengrab

Matt Looker

11th November 2015

Infamous philoso-raptor Shia LaBeouf has an all-new performance project that will make you think like you have never thunk before. Get ready to have your mind bashed in with Shia's art truth!

Just as many artists suffer for their work, Shia is doing the unimaginable and sitting down to watch his movies. All of them. Back to back, over three days, in reverse chronological order. Astonishing - it's like he's a modern-day James Franco.

Even better than that, you can watch him do it for the entire three-day duration via a live stream focused on his cinema seat. There's even a hashtag: #AllMyMovies. Verily we are living in a new renaissance.

But what film is he watching at any given time? Thanks to an entirely uninformative live feed, that's up to us to guess. So let's play a game. What movie is Shia LaBeouf watching when the following screengrabs were taken?

A) Fury
B) Eagle Eye
C) It could be any of them

A) Probably one of the Transformers
B) That Wall Street sequel?
C) It really could be any of them

A) Nymphomaniac: Vol. II
B) Nymphomaniac: Vol. I
C) Seriously, look at his face. It could be any of them

A) His own #AllMyMovies live feed, meaning that this stunt will never end and the paradoxical concept that results will cause the space-time continuum to eat itself in an everlasting, perpetual cycle of non-reality.
B) The episode of Caroline In The City he did in 1998
C) Any of them. They still all seem feasible at this stage

A) One of the other Transformers
B) What was that one he did recently? Charlie something? That one
C) Look up his IMDB page. He's done quite a few films. It's quite easy to imagine that he could walk out on any one of them, because we probably would too. Because it's a Shia LaBeouf film, is the point of what I am saying

If you picked Mostly C's, well done! Etc.

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