How the new poster for Killing Them Softly was made


5th September 2012

The lovely new poster for Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly (formerly Cogan's Trade) has arrived: very atmospheric it is, too. Thanks to my inside source - I shall call him only Mr Photoshop - I can exclusively reveal how it was made. The results may dazzle you.

I'm looking forward to seeing Killing Them Softly, because a) any film by Andrew 'Chopper' Dominik is fuckin' alright by me mate, b) any film with Brad Pitt as a hitman is going to be some kind of something, and c) it has Pope from Animal Kingdom in it, albeit slightly less psychotic than usual.

Before I show you the new one-sheet, I'll show you behind the curtain so you can see the design process for a poster as stylish as this. Firstly, you take a perfectly nice colour photo montage of all of your cast.

Then, you apply a special effect, found only in cool people's Photoshop.

Voila. Here's your super-stylish Killing Them Softly poster.

Next week I'll show you the Photoshop effect that lights a fire under the poster to create the sparks.

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