I figured out what happens next in Homeland

Ed Williamson

17th October 2012

It's the biggest cliffhanger since Sylvester Stallone physically hung from a cliff in the film Cliffhanger. But what happens next in Homeland? I've figured it out and present my findings to you here. [Warning: very spoilery if you haven't seen episode 2.2.]

Here's the situation: Brody is a Congressman and Saul, who is Middle-East Division Chief of the CIA and whose credibility is absolutely beyond doubt, has just discovered video evidence of him admitting he's a suicide bomber.

So I thought just like you did: Brody is finished. And by extension, so is the show. There's no possible outcome to this other than Saul shares the evidence with his superiors, Brody is arrested, the whole thing's wrapped up and we all have to watch Downton Abbey at 9pm on Sundays instead.

But wait: there is another way this can go. They're not going to wind up Homeland this easily. Take a look.

Poor Saul. He told the IT department he needed an upgrade from Vista months ago, but they never got back to him.

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