Memewatch: Tom Cruise is sitting on top of the world


8th December 2011

A picture of Tom Cruise sitting at the peak of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai hit the web today, and within nanoseconds, men and women with nothing better to do began Photoshopping him into compromising situations. I give you the Tom Cruise Sitting Meme.

As I'm sure you've already seen, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol required Tom Cruise to scale the largest man-made structure in the world - the 2,723 ft Burj Khalida tower in Dubai. I say 'required', but I half suspect Cruise, the mad bastard, relished the challenge, if only so he could take this photo. Here is is sitting at the peak, grinning like a berk.

Click image for full-size picture

Luckily, the internet wasn't doing much when the picture hit, and a handful of talented timewasters quickly shopped Tom onto all manner of high things, creating the #tomcruisesitting meme in the process. Here are a collection of the very best: thanks to @giruaro, @spliggle, @mynameiscal, @james_warren and @tmawsm for the pics.

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Take a day off, guys. You've earned it.

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