Merlin pictures far too serious, need chimps

Ed Williamson

10th October 2012

Being of sound mind and body, I've managed to avoid watching a single second of Merlin. But I still feel like I have the right to cheapen and ruin it for everyone else.

Everyone in Merlin is far too serious. Look at them, in this bunch of pictures I nicked off Digital Spy.

I mean, these guys realise they're in a show about wizards and magic potions and shit, right? It can't be as serious as all that. Cheer up guys, might never happen, as an irritatingly chirpy Londoner might say to anyone not grinning like an imbecile as they go about the business of their day.

Only one thing for it. What injects a dose of levity into any given situation, no matter how bleak or solemn? That's right: CHIMPS.
Top bombing. Why not Photoshop a chimp into something yourself and cheer it up a bit? Like an email to the council about your wheelie bin, or the invitations to your father's funeral?

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