Miscasting other great detectives


2nd April 2011

Hollywood are making a big screen version of Miss Marple and do you know who has been cast as the meddlesome old diddy biddy? Jennifer Garner. I guess that makes it time for more Photoshop fun!

Casting a middle-aged Hollywood hottie as Miss Marple makes little to no sense. The only defining characteristic of Agatha Christie's detective pensioner is that she's an old lady. So while we're abandoning all logic, how about these casting choices for other famous dicks?

Ben Affleck as Hercule Poirot

”My giant lunk head contains many little grey cells.”
Jaden Smith as Sherlock ‘Homie' Holmes

”Dat's elemizzle - the game's afoot, homeslice.”
Zac Efron as Columbo

”Oh, er, there's just one more thing...” (*backflip*)
Megan Fox as Jessica Fletcher

”I wonder why everyone keeps inviting me to parties?”
Morgan Freeman as Nancy Drewe

”I solve crime with my trusty magnifying glass and my incredible gravitas.”

Just you wait. It'll happen. It's only a matter of time before they make a big-screen version of Taggart with a CG Scottish terrier in the lead role.

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