My mum saw Camelot and all you get is this lousy write-up

Matt Looker

14th June 2011

Despite being mildly interested in watching Camelot this past weekend, I actually completely forgot it was on. Luckily, I went to see my folks yesterday with some dirty laundry and to ask for money and my mum gave me the lowdown.

Firstly, I should mention that my mum only watched Camelot because she kinda likes the light-hearted BBC show Merlin on Saturday early evenings. She was quick to assure me that this is nothing like that.

So, I asked, is there even any magic? Is it another special effects show, or is this a more realistic take on the Arthurian legend?

Oh no, dear - it's nothing like that. This is completely realistic. There's no magic or spells or anything - they're just normal people. I mean, they do a mind transference thing with some wolves using telepathy, but that's more of a spiritual thing.
And when I asked who was in the show, I was told that it starred 'Ralph Fiennes', but that he has a shaved head and sunken eyes so he "looks like an eco-warrior".

She's right. He does.

Ok, well that sounds good - I'll catch up on that. So, it's on Saturdays, right? On Channel 4? Cool, I'll make sure I-

There's also a lot of bonking.
(*awkward pause*)

Ok...well, I guess...

Seriously, there's A LOT of bonking. Your dad didn't know where to look. It's good though - I'll be watching it again next week.
And now, because I won't be able to enjoy some good ol' medieval pounding in the knowledge that my parents will be watching the same thing, I think I'll be giving it a miss.

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