New Bourne Legacy poster features extended armery


26th July 2012

A new poster for The Bourne Legacy has surfaced in Japan, but Jeremy Renner's limbs look completely out of proportion. Naturally we booted up Photoshop to make things right.

I'm excited about The Bourne Legacy, but the promotional materials for it haven't exactly been stellar so far. The 'blackout bar' motif is quite effective, stylistically, but we still haven't seen a truly striking poster... until now. Just not for the reasons Universal might have hoped.

So, I have to ask... what's with the giant right arm, Mr Bourne Replacement? Is it a genetic mutation to better allow you to pimp-slap information out of government agents? Or, more likely, is it just totally shit Photoshop? First of all, let's remove those black bars to get a better idea of his arm-size.

Yeah, it's clinically immense. He could practically scratch his feet without bending over. Reed Richards would look at that arm and be all like "Damn, that's a big arm." Because I'm both the hero movie posters deserve and the one they need right now, I used my Photoshop skills to even them out. You're welcome, Universal. Call me any time.

Wait, something's not right here. I may have Photoshopped the wrong arm. It looks... better? A bit less lopsided, perhaps? Hmm, still needs work to bring everything into proportion. One last little tinker, and...

Nailed it.

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