New Hitman poster makes excellent use of unnecessary helicopters

Ali Gray

2nd March 2015

Good on Hitman: Agent 47 for keeping the trend of unnecessary helicopters in low-quality action movie posters alive and well.

Her's the poster for Hitman: Agent 47, which is guaranteed to be not at all as utterly average as the last Hitman movie(s, or whatever).

Click image for full-size poster

I can just imagine the in-film conversation that led to this scenario.
Sergeant: "Captain, my armed unit has Agent 47 cornered on Main Street. I don't know why but I'm getting a major Inception vibe. Anyway, should I secure the target?"

Captain: "Oh really? Can you, like, hold off for a few more minutes? Because I just ordered-"

Sergeant: "Wha- goddamn it, there's a helicopter overhead. Who the fuck ordered the helicopter? Sir, the excessive noise and blowback from the rotors is causing a disturbance in my comms. I'm going to order we bring in the suspect."

Captain: "How many are there?"

Sergeant: "Say again, Captain?"

Captain: "How many helicopters are there?"

Sergeant: "Just one chopper, sir, I really don't think we ne- oh Jes- sir, did you arrange for a second helicopter on the scene? Because not only is this excessive to the extreme, the second chopper is kinda endangering the first. The troops are distracted, sir."

Captain: "Put more men on the roof!"

Sergeant: "Please repeat, Captain, I can't hear shi-"

Captain: "I WANT MORE MEN ON THE ROOF. Even if most of them are just standing there. This has to look good, I'm up for a big promotion this week and if I don't spend my budget before the end of the fiscal quarter I'll look irresponsible. Does it look cool? I wish I was there."

Sergeant: "Suspect has escaped in the ensuing chaos, repeat, suspect has escaped."

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