Original Weird Science trailer speaks out about remake


21st April 2013

With the news surfacing like an unflushed turd that Universal are planning to remake Weird Science, we decided to ask the only source to which we had access what they thought about it. Yep, we asked the original film's trailer. Just go with it, OK? It's Sunday.

So, Original Weird Science Trailer, nice to meet you. Our first question: what do you make of the news that Weird Science is being remade?

No, seriously.

I know, right? And what about the suggestions flying round the internet that Kelly Brook should replace the weirdly-similarly-named Kelly LeBrock?

Blimey. Apparently it's going to be another "edgy", R-rated comedy along the lines of The Hangover and 21 Jump Street. What do you make of that?

We just don't know. Well, Original Weird Science Trailer, thanks for your time. It's been half-hearted and ill-thought-out.

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