Paul Rudd officially tired of Jennifer Aniston's shit


27th December 2011

Fancy sitting through another Jennifer Aniston comedy in which she goes on an emotional journey of discovery? No? Neither does Paul Rudd, in our new, some might say 'improved' poster for Wanderlust.

Jennifer Aniston is a perfectionist. Not content with playing an irritating, vacuous and whiny character in one film, she has persisted, taking on the same role again and again until she has become the epitome of banality.

Even though co-star Paul Rudd is witty and tremendously likeable, Wanderlust doesn't look like being the film to buck the trend. Here's the original poster, in which they kick off the shackles of modern life...

Because we love Paul Rudd just as much as we dislike Jennifer Aniston, we reckon he could improve this poster infinitely with a change of attitude and a quick swing of the hips...

Do it for the good of your career, Paul. For the good of cinema.

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