Pirates-related Paul McCartney puns that should have been taglines

Matt Looker,
Ali Gray,
Ed Williamson

28th June 2017

With all the fuss about Wonder Woman being an important step forward for feminism in cinema, and the current question of Disney curbing creative authorship on big studio projects, I really feel like some finer movie news is passing us by without enough comment. Like PAUL MCCARTNEY WAS IN PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, GUYS.

I'll be honest, I haven't seen Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Dead Men Pay No Divorce Bills, but I have seen Pirates Of The Caribbean 1-4 and I suspect that it amounts to the same thing. Either way, I do not yet know whether Paul McCartney's appearance in the film resulted in a powerful performance of heartbreaking tenderness or whether it amounted to little more than this poster:

Just look at him. Wearing the smug expression of someone who has just shit himself while completely aware that it will be someone else's job to clean him up.

Most importantly though, how often do you get a real-life Beatle in your film outside of straight-to-DVD releases of Thomas The Tank Engine? And how do the marketing department not immediately jump on the opportunity to incorporate a Beatles pun into the tagline? Just imagine the possibilities!

Or don't, because we kind of did it for you:

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