Predict the finale and play along with Bodyguard Bingo!

Ali Gray

19th September 2018

The BBC's new thriller Bodyguard has been one of the most popular new British television series in over a decade, thanks to the slick writing of creator Jed Mercurio and the slinky appeal of Keeley Hawes' foxy Home Sexretary (Secretary). Between episodes, fans have been ravenous for new information, sharing plot spoilers and conspiracy theories online in an attempt fill the gaping hole left in their lives. Friends, fans and Richard Madden stans: let me fill your holes.

Behold, Bodyguard Bingo: a fun game for all the family (except children and probably old people) that'll help you cope with the forthcoming finale on Sunday. To play, print out the game board below, then every time an event listed happens on screen, cross it off. If you get a complete row, column or diagonal line, then you win... just like everyone else who's... playing, yeah, it doesn't really work as an actual playable game, does it? Never mind. I guarantee you at least 24 of these 25 plot predictions come true. Enjoy!

Next week: Holby City Hangman!

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