Proposed solution for the Spooks/Downton Abbey stand-off

Matt Looker

17th September 2011

The eagerly-awaited last series of Spooks starts tomorrow, Sunday 18th September, on BBC1 at the same time as the eagerlier-awaited second series of Downton Abbey starts on ITV. What to do, what to do... Luckily, here at , we have the answer.

Here's what we propose: spend the entire time flicking between the two channels to create an entirely new double-awesome show about dynamic espionage in a stately manor, with intelligence agents dealing with a clear class divide.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you:

Spookton Abbey

It's simple maths - flick the channel every 2 minutes and you will automatically end up watching the best of both to create a tense-but-twee hybrid of the two shows.

Here's the synopsis for the new series of Spooks: "Harry confronts a secret from his past which threatens to destroy him and the person he loves, Ruth Evershed. Meanwhile, Section D has also been left reeling from Lucas North's betrayal and new leader Erin Watts is ambitious, hungry and determined to make her mark."

Here's the synopsis of Downton Abbey: "Matthew Crawley, Thomas, and William Mason are off fighting in the war, while Lord Grantham cannot serve due to his age and Tom Branson is unsure that he wants to fight for England. Lady Sybil Crawley defies her aristocratic position and enlists in Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps"

And, more importantly, here's the consequent synopsis for Spookton Abbey: "Harry confronts a secret about the war which threatens to destroy him and the person he loves, Lord Grantham. Meanwhile, Lucas North betrays England and Queen Alexandra is hungry."

That last bit doesn't even make sense, but by god I want to watch to find out what it all means!
Or, y'know, you can record one and watch it afterwards, or whatever.

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