Rejoice: The Complete Twilight Defacement Project


10th October 2012

Updated: the full complement of defaced film stills from the Twilight: Breaking Dawn movies, ensuring no one will ever take Twilight seriously EVER AGAIN.

Ever since I saw the first po-faced film still released from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, I felt compelled to draw cocks on it. It's an impulse I have, which I can usually keep under control, but Twilight brings out the worst in me. Oh, who am I kidding – I love defacing Bella, Edward and Jacob. The best thing is, they can't do anything about it; they just stand there, frozen in time, while I photoshop a pooing woman in the background. Those idiots!

I started defacing Twilight pictures in May last year, but every new batch of stills only served to inspire more silliness in me. Now, with Breaking Dawn Part 2 finally on the horizon, I present to you The Complete Twilight Defacement Project: every shopped pic, every crossed-eye, every boner joke and cheap shot at Edward's manhood, complete with nine new pics at the top. It's been a pleasure, and I sincerely mean that.
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