Revealed: the full extent of Jared Leto's on-set anarchy

Ali Gray,
Becky Suter,
Ed Williamson

22nd March 2016

Reports from the Suicide Squad set indicate that Jared Leto immersed himself in the role of the Joker by giving "horrific gifts" to his co-stars, including a dead pig and a live rat. This is anarchy on a scale not seen since Johnny Rotten said a rude word on the telly, leading to the overnight collapse of Judeo-Christian society. How much further could Leto go, yo? These unverified set reports suggest he was willing to push it to the limit.

Jared Leto instructed the craft services caterer to replace the cheddar in Will Smith's sandwiches with brie, which he was fully aware was one of Smith's least favourite cheeses.

Leto phoned Margot Robbie at 12.30am and left a message on her answerphone of him screaming the word 'ANARCHY!!!'

Several times on set, Leto would tap co-star Jai Courtney on one shoulder and then quickly move to Courtney's other side. When questioned about the shoulder tap, a smirking Leto would deny all knowledge.

Jared Leto went an entire week without washing his hands after urinating. After each visit to the bathroom he would make a point of shaking one of the crew by the hand then recoiling in mock disgust, shouting "Urgh, you've got piss hands!"

During a quiet moment on set, Leto offered to tell his colleagues a joke, then said loudly "DYING SYRIAN CHILDREN" before cackling and running away.
Leto stole the cushion from director David Ayer's chair and didn't admit it, even after it was replaced.

Leto insisted on referring to the band Foals as "The Foals", knowing full well it really got on Joel Kinnaman's wick.

One morning, Leto worse a thick disguise to the set and announced to his co-stars that he was Jared Leto's agent and that Jared Leto wouldn't be coming into work that day because he had just last night died "from a drugs overdose". He then lowered his fake glasses and said, cryptically, "Or did I?" before sidling away.

At the craft services table, Leto laughingly dropped banana skins and toast crusts into the general waste bin when the one next to it was clearly labelled "food waste".

Leto stopped filming a scene to burn a $20 bill in front of an intern.
Leto horrified cast and crew members by seemingly stabbing his own hand with a scalpel during a lunch break, only to reveal it was a prop hand he'd found that later had to be replaced at great cost.

Jared Leto purposely stood precisely six inches to the left of every mark he was supposed to hit, in order to "freak out the studio suits", which caused the movie's lighting rig operator so much stress he had to take time off work.

Jared Leto spent a whole week telling people he wasn't actually Jared Leto but his twin brother, "Lared Jeto".

Jared Leto wrapped an empty box and gave it to co-star Cara Delevingne for her birthday. A note inside read "UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY, HA HA HA".

Leto asked co-star Viola Davis if she could hear a humming noise, which unbeknownst to her was actually emanating from Leto himself.

Then he did the same thing to Margot Robbie.

Leto insisted on wearing sunglasses indoors as an act of rebellion.

According to set sources, Leto played the "shadow game" with co-star Scott Eastwood for an entire week, repeating everything he said back to him, eventually causing the actor to lodge an official complaint with Leto's representation.

Leto requested a runner fetch him a cup of coffee, then when she returned, he knocked the beverage out of her hand, partially scalding her in the process. Leto later said to the set's health and safety officer that "anarchy is as anarchy does" and signed his name on the written warning form as "Matthew McConaghy" [sic].

Leto secretly borrowed Viola Davis's Surface Pro and changed the menu language to Greek.

Leto stole a ruler from the props department and scratched off the "Shatter Proof" logo with a compass so that it said "Shat Poo".
‚ÄčEvery time David Ayer gave Leto a direction on set, he replied "And would you like fries with that?" Every time.

Whenever a phone rang near Leto, he grabbed it and answered, "Joe's Crematorium, you kill 'em we grill 'em. How may I help you?"

Invited to join the cast and crew's fantasy football league, Leto named his team "THE SYSTEM" and deliberately chose a squad of poor players.

Leto turned up on set wearing a Rage Against the Machine T-shirt on more than one occasion. He told anyone who'd listen that he'd bought it at Woodstock '94, and "if Bill Clinton doesn't like it, he can kiss this", before pointing to his own bum.

At the movie's wrap party, Leto spiked the punch with sherbert.

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