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Kirsty Harrison

8th December 2011

And if you do argue, we'll glass you.

There's a helluva wind blowing over the high and lowlands of Scotland today, threatening to pull it from its English moorings and drift the entire country off to Iceland. No, I did not do Geography at school.

I sincerely hope that "Hurricane Bawbag" blows itself out soon - not only for the safety of 82% of my family, but because Scotland is awash with comedy gold that we just can't afford to lose. Look at Hurricane Bawbag for a start.

Take this for instance: it's December, it's Christmas advert season, and by far and away the funniest and Christmassiest advert comes from Scotland, from the minds of Irn Bru. It's ginger, it's Christmas, it's phenomenal.

That's straight up cold, Snowman

But we're not just funny when it's snowing or blowing a gale. Nonono, we're funny in any conceivable situation.
In a lift

Buying ice-cream

Being stopped by the polis

Two legends, sadly missed
At a museum

At the fitba

In... space?

See. I could add more, but then I'd kind of be doing the Scottish Tourism Board's job for them. And I cannae be doin wi that shite.

But there you have it, Scottish people are just walking about, being funny in the face of extreme weather or just boring day-to-day situations whilst everyone else is all:

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