Some Jon Voigt gifs from the Ray Donovan trailer, just because

Ed Williamson

2nd July 2013

Making a gif, that's the easy bit. Explaining why ... now that takes some stones.

Jon Voigt seems to be having the time of his life in the trailer for new Showtime thing Ray Donovan, and why not? He's old and revered, plus he has about 28 grandchildren.

But why gifs? Why are there gifs of him here? Well, as Voigt will be only too aware, the gif is the internet's way of conveying the sense that something exists, that it looks vaguely funny when it moves repetitively, and that the person who created it has either no ability or no inclination to write anything substantial about it.

Here are some gifs.
Jon Voigt dancing his fool head off

Jon Voigt shooting a priest in the mouth

Jon Voigt giving some berk the fight-eye like he's mugged him off

Jon Voigt laughing like a goon

Still, looks good, this Jason Donovan thing. I hope the Stock, Aitken and Waterman period gets some good coverage.

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