Terminator 4: Who Will Succeed Arnie?


18th March 2008

Terminator fans have had to experience a variety of different emotions over the last few years. In 2003, there was the lacklustre Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, an embarrassing parody of James Cameron's first two movies. Hardcore series geeks baulked at the appointment of hack director McG for the inevitable fourth Terminator movie, but did a little happy dance when he snagged Christian Bale for the role of John Connor. But with Arnie too busy governating to reprise his role as the Terminator, we take a look at ten actors who fit the criteria of one of cinema's most iconic action roles. Casting directors, look no further!

Who? Stone-faced actor, currently enjoying a career revival thanks to a killer year (2007 saw him star in No Country For Old Men, American Gangster, In The Valley Of Elah and Planet Terror) and reputedly director McG's first choice for the role of Terminator in his new movie.
Pros: Brolin's weathered features say 'I mean business' - when was the last time you saw him smile? At the moment, he's what's known in the industry as 'hot shit' after his stunning work in the Coen brothers' classic and he'd bring an element of class to a picture that's desperately in need of some cred after the risible Rise Of The Machines. Quite simply, he'd be the ultimate badass.
Cons: Showed weakness in No Country, despite some good running legs. Previous villainous characters range from OTT (Grindhouse) to just plain shite (Into The Blue).
Maybe also consider... Javier Bardem (after a haircut).

Who? You know... bulky muscleman, touted as the new Arnie, talks like he's gargling rocks... anyone? Vin Diesel's career might have run out of gas recently, but he can still cut quite a figure in action circles if he has to. Pitch Black remains one of the most underrated sci-fi movies of the last ten years.
Pros: Terminators should be incapable of expressing human emotion. They should be devoid of humour. They should be robotic, stiff and lifeless. Sound familiar? Diesel is a man who looks and sounds like he was born for a role playing a mechanical cyborg - plus the name alone has to count for something.
Cons: The Pacifier. The Chronicles Of Riddick. xXx. We could go on. Also, no Terminator should be proficient in Dungeons & Dragons.
As long as it's not... The Rock or any other wrestler turned 'entertainer' (that means you, Stone Cold Steve Austin).

Who? Best known for his role as Lincoln Burrows in ace TV serial Prison Break, but also played Dracula himself in the awful Blade: Trinity. Possibly wider than he is high, Purcell's biceps have biceps and he has quad muscles that are technically quints. Has probably had dumps bigger than you.
Pros: Uh... take a look. This guy is HUGE. He looks like a flesh-coloured Incredible Hulk and has a scowl that could sour milk. For the whole first season of Prison Break, all we could think of was why he didn't just get up and walk through the goddamn walls. Humanity wouldn't stand a chance.
Cons: Might be a little too large to fight a future war: he'd probably get his arse stuck in the space-time continuum. We can't see any biker leathers fitting him either.
Maybe also consider... William Fichtner. If Robert Patrick can be a lithe, wiry Terminator, then so can this guy.

Who? You know him as Ethan. Glassy eyes, blank expression, could be your next-door neighbour kind of face. Has had brief cameos in cousin Tom Cruise's many films, including Vanilla Sky, Minority Report and Mission: Impossible II. Possibly now more credible than cuz due to his memorable role in Lost.
Pros: He's practically already played a Terminator as merciless nutjob 'Other' Ethan Rom: relentless, expressionless and free of emotion (plus he had a fair pair of fists on him too). Mapother is still relatively unknown in the movie business: a 'face' Terminator might lack an edge that a lesser-known actor could bring. Has a cult fanbase that would eagerly follow him.
Cons: Some might confuse that cold, stark expression with one of gormless disinterest. Besides, cousin Cruise wouldn't approve of his character appearing in a futuristic world not ruled by Xenu and his cronies.
As long as it's not... The guy who plays Hurley.

Who? Scot who enjoyed a varied career - actiony in Reign Of Fire, kissy kissy in Dear Frankie, lah-di-dah in the Phantom Of The Opera - until he bore King Leonidas in the movie adap of Frank Miller's awesome graphic novel. Now the go-to-guy for big, loud, angry warrior types - was briefly attached to the Escape From New York remake.
Pros: Has a pretty good track record for looking cool and kicking ass. Talks in one-liners in 300, and as a Terminator, won't be required to try and hide his accent. Can you honestly think of a cooler looking dude to lead a robot army? We're sure the filmmakers can write in a scene where John Connor is kicked into a big hole.
Cons: Would have to rein in the excess of Leonidas - no barking, no shouting, no grimacing. Without the gurning, what do you have?
Maybe consider... Kurt Russell. You know this would rock.

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