The 12 most awkward bits in Bruce Willis' One Show appearance


8th February 2013

Actor and "star of over 75 movies" Bruce Willis appeared on BBC's flagship prime-time light entertainment show this week, to promote A Good Day To Die Hard. It did not go well.

Bruce, dialled back to a whisper, didn't much fancy giving lengthy answers to insightful questions like "It's the premiere tomorrow: is your wife going?" The result is a cringeworthy interview stretched over 24 agonising minutes. Watch the whole show or check out the 12 most awkward highlights here. It's a bit like Buzzfeed, this, isn't it?
The bit when Matt Baker introduced Bruce Willis

He whooped "BRUCE WILLIS!" while pumping both fists in the air, adding "YES!" for good measure.
The bit when Alex Jones showed Bruce the picture they'd made

Said Bruce, quietly, unimpressed: "So good… So good… A little more blood."
The bit where they talk to Bruce about the asteroid

Apparently there's an asteroid that's going to pass by Earth quite soon. Bruce looked genuinely concerned. Then Matt asked Bruce what it was actually like to be on an asteroid.
The bit where Bruce asks Alex about the title

Bruce Willis: "A Good Day To Die Hard. Are you confused by it?" Alex Jones: "I was, but I thought about it, and I'm all right with it now".
The bit where Bruce does his 'excited' face

On A Good Day To Die Hard: "We certainly blow a lot of stuff up… Fun… no one was hurt."
The bit where oh god he's still talking about the title

Bruce: "A Good Day To Die Hard… I still, I don't know… Have a sandwich… let's go shopping… Die Hard."
The bit where Bruce doesn't speak over his clip

A clip runs. There's an awkward silence. Matt Baker has to fill. "So, you're in the car…"
The bit where Matt Baker laughed out loud for no reason to break the tension

The bit where Bruce claimed he didn't know what "romcom" meant

"I just don't pay enough attention."
The bit where the audience applauds Bruce doing scales on a mouth organ

Matt Baker: "Beautiful… beautiful."
The bit where they give Bruce a One Show vest

They ask him to try it on. Bruce politely ignores them.
The bit where Bruce sighs and makes this face

This happens quite frequently, to be fair.

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