The eight best bits from The Bible trailer

Ed Williamson

7th March 2013

History Channel miniseries The Bible, based on the bestselling book of the same name, has just premiered in the States. It looks to me like it has some religious undertones.

Its trailer is a good bit of fun too. Essentially, someone's thought to themselves: "That Game of Thrones is doing mad numbers, son! Are there any other books we could adapt along similar lines?" Yes, is the answer, but there are no dragons in it. How about a talking snake, though? That should test through the roof.

Here are the eight bits I enjoyed the most.
Goliath cops one in the mush

Moses totally parts the Red Sea

The half-hearted Roman army

Roar, grimace, fall

Jesus talks like an Apple brand manager

Jesus is shit at hide and seek

Don't call it a comeback: the return of Jesus

Dude, what's up with your hand?

I'm not sure about this. It looks like a sprawling, multi-character story, and I worry that the habit of skipping quickly between narrative strands will mean it ultimately lacks cohesion. Maybe introducing this lead character they're going with in the latter half of the series will give you someone to root for.

Apparently they've exhausted the source material with this miniseries, but if there's demand for a second season there's no reason they couldn't just start writing new stories with the same characters. You know, like with James Bond or whatever.

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