The Harry Potter poster awards


12th July 2011

Join us as we look back at a decade of Harry Potter posters. Hosted by yours truly and shot in front of a live studio audience. (Fearne Cotton pulled out).

If there's one thing Harry Potter will be remembered for - other than making cosplay even lamer than it already was - it's posters. Lots and lots of posters. If you use IMPawards.com as a guide (and you should, because they're totally ace), there have been 148 Harry Potter posters in total. That's 18.5 posters per film. Gobsmacking. And here they all are.

Harry Potter posters
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Goblet Of Fire leads the pack with 31 posters (including overseas variations), while Chamber Of Secrets brings up the rear with just nine one-sheets. Incidentally, if we say each poster is an average of 27 inches wide, if you pinned them all up side by side, it'd still take Usain Bolt 9.69 seconds to see them all - yep, it's 100 metres of pure movie poster.

So, with Deathly Hallows: Part 2 upon us, it's time to celebrate the Harry Potter movie poster phenomenon and reward the best ones. I hope you're wearing your tuxedo - I sure as hell am. The first category is...

~ Best teaser poster ~

A striking image: Harry Potter was now recognisable even in profile.
~ Worst teaser ~

No one cares what you think, Dobby. Hurry up and die, Dobby.
~ Most unnecessary diagonal ~

Very possibly responsible for starting a trend.
~ Most unnecessary character poster ~

This guy, whoever he is/was. I think his name was Boris.
~ Least subtle poster tagline ~

But are there goblins?
~ Character most likely captured in mid-sneeze ~

Draco gets hayfever attacks at the most inopportune times.
~ Poster most likely to cause 'stirrings' ~

Not least because Emma Watson was 'enlarged' for IMAX.
~ Least important plot point summarised in a poster ~

Feel the tension. Or don't.
~ Most unnecessarily close close-up ~

Just in case you wanted to see the pores of Alan Rickman's skin.
~ Coolest poster ~

If only because it looks like an advertisement for The Killing.
~ Worst poster ~

Turns out Twilight didn't patent the 'mope beneath clouds' design.
~ Best poster ~

Yep, the Drew Struzan original. Why they ditched him, nobody knows.
Sad to see the back of Harry Potter and his myriad posters. See you in 2013 for the Twilight movie poster awards. Haha, just kidding.

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