The movie poster tagline that needs to die in a fire

Matt Looker

13th January 2014

Need an enigmatic movie poster tagline that suggests danger, conspiracy and an underdog-type thriller? Then we have the three words for you! (Terms and conditions apply. Offer not available for exclusivity).

It's nearly time for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit to be released, giving us a new take on a character that has already been played by three other actors across four different films. So it is perhaps fitting then that, as the posters hit the interwebs showing us Keira Knightley's helicopter-boob crash and Kevin Costner's questionable building boner, along with them came a tagline that was truly uninspiring and unoriginal.

And, just to prove it, here's a look at all of the other posters that have chosen to sell their film with the same vague concept of generic paranoia.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

SPOILER: Both Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley turn out to be bad guys. Probably. At least that's what the tagline suggests.
Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Trust no one. Not even Ron Weasley, who, in this picture, has been killed and stuffed in a compartment of that tube carriage.
Body Of Lies

DiCaprio can smell the distrust.

"The film's called Paranoia. What tagline can we come up w- no, wait, nevermind. I got it."

Look at those dead eyes. Nicolas Cage hasn't trusted anyone for a very long time.

Hint: you don't need the first sentence if that's your second sentence.
Deep Gold

Wait, when did they make a film about those Bond film silhouette girls?
Border Run

This is the most unassuming tagline I have ever seen on a poster. Like it was added as an afterthought with a typewriter.
The Collective

From this poster, I can tell that the film is about... a group... and a woman... and not trusting people. Good one, marketing team.
The Puppet Masters

Who cares about the tagline - I want to be watching this film RIGHT NOW.
So, I shouldn't trust any one then. Is that right? Or should I trust Noone?

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