The nine most sensitive responses to the Eastenders rape episode

Ed Williamson

8th October 2014

I admit to not being a fountain of good ideas when it comes to this website. Which is why the opportunity to embed a load of people's tweets about a controversial episode of Eastenders is a ruddy godsend.

Monday's episode included the rape scene involving Deano Wicks and Linda Carter announced a few weeks ago. Eastenders behaved impeccably over the issue: viewers were given plenty of warning it was going to happen, the episode was given a lot of diligent thought, and the scene wasn't sensational or gratuitous.

Matt Di Angelo (clawing it back after his ludicrous "MUM! MUUUUUUMMM!" histrionics in the street on Friday) and Kellie Bright both did excellent, sensitive jobs. The cutaway to Mick and Tina in the cafe ("Shouldn't you head back to the Vic?" "Nah, L doesn't need me there at the moment") served its purpose of removing us from the scene itself while being a sickening gut-punch of dramatic irony.

That's what I saw, anyway. These guys? Not so much.

Yes, flex.

(Danielle died five years ago.)

and i just cleaned out d sock drawer wdf

I'm not 100% sure whether he's questioning the grammar or doesn't believe that a woman can become pregnant as a result of rape. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Yeah, I don't know if "randy" is quite the best ... oh, forget it.

Can't be a popular opinion now, surely.


How did she get hold of the "Dean character motivations" folder from the writers' room?

Wait till she sees the rape replacement bus service.
I apologise for being so flippant while Phil Mitchell, shot in the chest on Friday, lies fighting for his very life in a ... oh wait, he's fine.

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