The Rules Of Attraction screening: Send us your College Confessions

Ali Gray

30th April 2014

In the spirit of The Rules Of Attraction, which we're screening at the Prince Charles Cinema on Thursday 15th May, I want to know what your wildest college/university stories were. You filthy animals.

In the film, adapted from the book by Bret Easton Ellis, Patrick Bateman and friends shag, snort and smoke their way through Camden College, but I'm interesting in finding out if us Brits can match the impossibly spoiled Yanks of The Rules Of Attraction with our bad behaviour. What did you do when you should have been book learning? Sex? Drugs? Rock and roll? Petty theft? Criminal damage? Puke? Was there lots of puke? There was lots of puke, wasn't there. Ah higher education, how I miss you.

So I ask of you: Confess the worst thing you did at college/university.

I'll be revealing a few of the submissions in a whiz-bang slideshow before the screening on the 15th, while the best/worst entry will win some sort of prize, probably. I'm winging it a bit. There will be drinks beforehand in the bar downstairs though, and I have bought a new jacket for the occasion.

I look forward to being ashamed by your abhorrent behaviour. No murders or anything too unsavoury, please. See you on the night!

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