The Shiznit's Not Unlistenable Podcast: Blade Runner 2049

Matt Looker

9th October 2017

That annoying pop-up you received this morning on your phone was the new notification of our latest sporadic podcast episode, begging you for attention like an artificial life form desperate to have its own existence validated.

And, just like the replicants from Ridley Scott's original Blade Runner, there is a problem with how it all ends for this episode. Thanks to technical difficulties, the last 20 seconds or so got lost like tears in the rain, if 'tears' were 'recording data' and 'rain' was 'inexplicable software fuck-up with no discernible cause or reason'.

Still, there's 20-odd minutes of spoiler-tastic film-critiquing gold to get through before it all falls apart, so why not give it a listen, eh? If not for the valuable insight, then for the moment I get accused of touching myself "a lot".

And now is probably the best time to remind you that, if technical incompetence and the suggestion of public self-stimulation doesn't turn you off, you can subscribe to our podcast at the link below.

Otherwise, if you're not ready to make that commitment yet - and frankly who can blame you - you can listen to us wang on about Blade Runner 2049 below. Enjoy!

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