The Shiznit's Not Unlistenable Podcast: Dunkirk

Matt Looker

24th July 2017

Our latest podcast episode is now live! But then you already knew that, because it has automatically appeared in your feed thanks to you subscribing the first time. ISN'T THAT RIGHT?

This time round, we are giving our initial reactions to Dunkirk, recorded just after seeing it. And, fittingly for this movie, we braved the loud crashes and bangs of London (albeit in a pub) in order to deliver these white hot takes.

Joining Ed and I for the chats are Neil (@IncredibleSuit) and Chris (@ClothesOnFilm) who are both definitely 'special guests' and not 'people we just happened to go for a drink with afterwards'.

Either way, here is a rather large mobile-optimised button to help guide you to where you can subscribe to our podcast:

And here is the episode to listen to right now in case you just aren't ready to make that commitment yet. Enjoy!

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