The Super Bowl ad gifs no one wanted (and when to use them)

Matt Looker

3rd February 2015

The Shiznit: Colouring in the 'Movies vs. Social Media' venn diagram intersection with a blunt crayon since 2011. Ish.

Enjoyed all the Super Bowl movie trailers? Need current, up-to-date animated pictures with which to litter your online output? Then, boy, do we have the feature for you. Because there's only so many times you can keep using that damn Dramatic Hamster.

You read the title, you know what this is about. Let the moving imagery commence!
Terminator Genisys

When to use: To convey shock and disbelief, followed by swift angry reaction

Example: "He said WHAT about Gamergate? Hohmyfuckingod... [GIF]"
Kingsman: The Secret Service

When to use: To highlight someone else's idea or opinion that falls completely flat; a conversation killer.

Example: "All I'm saying is that I'd really like to see Dame Maggie Smith attempt a slut drop"
Jurassic World

When to use: To fend off haters.

Example: "Woah [GIF] I was just ASKING whether or not Eddie Redmayne really deserves the Oscar considering he doesn't even use his own voice at the end. I mean, isn't that the same as the Andy Serkis argument?"
Furious 7

When to use: To point out an argument that no one can possibly win; when someone meets illogic with more illogic.

Example: "Superman would demolish Batman in a fight. He'd just vaporise him with his eye lasers"
"Are you fucking kidding me? Do you think Bruce Wayne wouldn't think of that and wear some kind of special eye-laser-repellent batsuit?"
Fifty Shades Of Grey

When to use: As a sarcastic reaction to someone trying to be sexy.

Example: "Oh wow, I love that Tinder profile pic of you trying to drink two pints at the same time while wearing a plastic Viking helmet [GIF]"

When to use: Following a definitive, blistering putdown.

Example: "I know you are, but what am I?"
Hot Tub Time Machine 2

When to use: At the announcement of a sexy Hollywood star being cast in any historical biopic.

Example: "Ryan Gosling has just been cast as Robert The Bruce? Ahahahahaha [GIF]"
Pitch Perfect 2

When to use: To convince a woman online to sleep with you. Should only be used in extremely sexy situations.

Example: "Hey girl. You look fine. Wanna get with this? [GIF]"
Inside Out

When to use: Guess.

Example: "They changed the shape of the Millennium Falcon's radar dish? RAGE!!! [GIF]"
Sadly, by the time it took you to read this, these have all become out-of-date references. Damn you, fast-moving Internet Age! (*shakes fist*)

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