TheShiznit.co.uk's 10th anniversary podcast is online, terrible

Ali Gray

6th October 2014

In yet another example of TheShiznit.co.uk being ahead of the curve when it comes to exciting new trends, we've recorded a 'pod-cast' - basically an audio recording of us talking into a microphone, which we have subsequently published on the Internet. Remember where you heard it first!

Last month, the esteemed website you are currently wasting time reading turned 10 years old - that's a whole decade of Photoshopping bums on things and laughing at Steven Seagal. We celebrated by publishing a list of The Top 10 Films Of Our Lifetime, which you can catch up with here. But we didn't stop there, oh no. We stopped slightly after there. Because we recorded a podcast! Then, after much deliberation, we decided to also publish it!

Noting that what the internet really needed was another 90 minutes of mindless film waffle, we assembled the core team of Shizniteers - myself, Matt, Luke, LittleBigPicture.co.uk editor Ed and team Judas, Neil aka The Incredible Suit. Once gathered in our top secret HQ (Neil's living room), we gushed forth with opinions on our favourite films of the decade, our least favourite and that time an angry reader emailed me and told me to eat Mr Bean's ass. Then we had to do it again because the recording was terrible.

The SoundCloud file you see below you contains one and a half hours of Shiznit gold (edited down from two and a half hours of pure shit). Highlights include, and are limited to: Ed doing an uncanny impression of Luke, Matt spooging over Joss Whedon, Neil disagreeing with every entry on the list except his own and me making a cracking joke about the dictionary (which I then proceeded to laugh at). Enjoy!

IMPORTANT UPDATE, EVERYBODY SHUT UP: TheShiznit.co.uk 10th anniversary podcast is now available on iTunes

I mean, I know I introduce #5 as #6, but give me a fucking break.

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