Things that would win in a fight with the Green Lantern


17th June 2011

Apologies to comic-book fans that will roll their eyes at this, but I've only just found out what the Green Lantern's superhero weakness is… and it's utter craptonite. Want to know what could win in a fight against an intergalactic protector of the universe? Basically anything yellow.

Yup, it's an important facet of the Green Lantern's power that (wisely) isn't explored much in the film, but I have conducted a great deal of research – by which I mean I've asked about on Twitter a bit – and it turns out that the colour yellow is the key to the Green Lametern's undoing. Presumably, this is why Blake Lively had to become a brunette to play his love interest.

So the comic lore goes, members of the Green Lantern Corps are some of the most powerful beings in the universe, with rings that can produce anything that the wearer can imagine – and that's basically like having unlimited power, isn't it? Except that this power has no effect on yellow things, i.e. Ryan Reynolds can dream up a huge machine gun and spray bullets at his evil nemesis but, as long as that guy is wearing a yellow t-shirt, he won't be harmed.

So what better way to undermine the pomposity of the Green Lantern's supposedly awesome abilities, by pairing dramatic shots of Ryan Reynolds in full green gear with things that presumably stand a good chance of beating him up...

Pretty rubbish power to have on reflection, isn't it? It's a bit like having a superhero that can control all of time and space… but is allergic to air. I name him 'Wasted Potential Man'.

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