This Life fan fiction: Egg smashes a zombie's head in with a rock

Ed Williamson

19th July 2011

I can't believe there isn't more This Life fan fiction out there. Who wants to start a club? Anyone? Hello?


The gang are all hanging round like they always do.

Miles, you are a closet gay.

I am NOT a closet gay!

He STORMS out. ANNA raises an eyebrow archly.

He is, you know.

She LIGHTS a cigarette, just as archly, then DOES something that reveals how fragile she actually is behind the tough, sassy veneer.

Egg, I really don't mind you not having a job, but I do secretly think that your lack of ambition is driving a wedge between us and I might have it off with O'Donnell as a result.

I am ANNOY and must take it out on a zombie!

He goes out into the garden, whereupon ...

Now experience This Life zombie slaughter in 3D!

To get the full 3D effect of Egg killing a zombie, start the video again, then straight away start this audio bar going at the same time.

Actually, this is AMC's 'sneak peek' at The Walking Dead season two which they showed during the ads on Sunday's MASSIVELY EXCITING Breaking Bad season four premiere. I just felt bad about showing you another one after the dirty great pile of videos we threw at you last month so I dressed it up as something else.

The Walking Dead season two kicks off in October in the US on AMC. And what I've given the working title 'This Undeath' premieres ... er, probably on Youtube after I've shot it on my phone.

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