Title suggestions for Austin Powers 4


14th August 2011

Good news, the easily pleased! Mike Myers has revealed he's making another Austin Powers movie! Because his gold-plated mansion isn't going to build an extension on itself!

Fans of double entrendes rejoice, because Austin Powers 4 is 'coming' soon. (Get it? 'Coming'? As in spunking? I'll give you a minute). Hitfix are reporting that Mike Myers - last seen in comedy train crash The Love Guru - has signed on to reprise the role of the British secret agent with the wonky teeth. This is where a writer of less stature than I would add something like 'Shagadelic!' or 'Yeah, baby!' I will maintain a dignified silence.

If you happened to have travelled to 2011 in a time machine with no knowledge of movies after 1999, Austin Powers is basically a half-decent joke stretched paper thin: a groovy, James Bond-esque secret agent who thinks with his penis and gets occasionally hilarious, frequently sexy results. Or, in mathematical terms...

I was of the age to enjoy the first two Austin Powers movies for the tongue-in-cheek parodies they were supposed to be (still chuckle at the weeing joke in the first one), but I'll admit, I have absolutely no clue what threequel Goldmember was all about. The villain was a Dutch guy on roller-skates who had a golden penis and liked eating his own skin. Maybe that's taking the mickey out of one of the Bonds I haven't seen. The Welsh ones.

With a script in the works, we thought we'd give Mr Myers a head-start and think up a hilarious James Bond-themed title for Austin Powers 4 with added naughtiness to really push that 12A rating to the limit.

Caution: betting real money on these odds will result in idiocy

Of course, we could always wait and see what Bond 23 ends up being called: I'd like to see Myers come up with a rude take on The Hildebrand Rarity. Then he'd really be earning his money.

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