Tom Hiddleston still not sure if producer at party just offered him role of Bond

Ali Gray

30th June 2017

Actor Tom Hiddleston is still in the dark as to whether he just accepted the role of James Bond at a cocktail party, after conversing with a producer who spoke of him playing "an iconic, robust character of literature" in the vaguest of terms.

Hiddleston was approached by the bearded industry figure, whose name he claims he forgot "literally immediately after hearing it", at an industry party in Soho. The conversation began with niceties and general chit-chat, before the director claimed he "might have a role" that suited Hiddleston.

The actor, who was already four cocktails deep, entertained the conversation before his interest was piqued by the producer describing the character as "an agent of chaos". Hiddleston then began to wonder, entirely unprompted, if the man he was talking to was one of those Bond producers, like Michael Broccoli or whatever.

When he tuned back in, the producer was talking about shooting in Marrakesh, which, Hiddleston reasoned, totally sounded like somewhere James Bond would have an adventure. Hiddleston also noted that the character was based on a character from a book, and that he was described as "a take no prisoners type," which he surmised meant that the character would likely find himself in situations where prisoners theoretically could be taken.

After approximately twelve minutes of conversation, Hiddleston became convinced that he was being offered the role of the British secret agent when the producer said he couldn't reveal any more due to an NDA, and that his "word was [his] bond". Had he focused on the subsequent discussion instead of mentally fitting himself for a tuxedo, Hiddleston would have heard the producer mention several details that confirmed the movie was a legal drama based on a Tony Parsons book, with no connection to James Bond whatsoever and a shooting budget of around $1.25 million.

"I'll do it," said Hiddleston, interrupting the producer as he attempted to tell Tom that the character's name was Jimmy Snodgrass. "It'd be an honour." Hiddleston then smiled, winked, tapped his nose, and did the double-hand finger-gun Bond gesture.

Later that evening, Hiddleston expressed concern that he may have got the wrong end of the stick and sought confirmation from the producer, who had already left to inform his financiers. A drunken Hiddleston was last seen Googling 'am i bnod' on his phone and sipping from a Vodka Martini, which he ordered but couldn't finish.

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